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Logic 101 Course Manual

What you will learn from this book...

A Course In Logic Belongs In The Home
Of Every Educated Family
Master logic and you will have a mental skill that will always be ready to really help you in any subject you pick up.

It will give you clearness of thought. It will help you arrange your ideas in an orderly way.

Most importantly, logic will help you DETECT FALLACIES and DEBUNK all the illogical arguments you run across on the internet, TV, or in books. (When people don't think logically they are easily DELUDED by faulty reasoning.)

Give this fascinating subject a try. You will love it!
"Topics Covered Include:
  • How to organize one’s thoughts.
  • How to make important distinctions
  • How to critically evaluate and challenge opposing viewpoints
  • How to ask intelligent questions and give intelligent answers.
  • How to judge and weigh evidence
  • How to distinguish the true from the false
  • How to stand up for one's beliefs and give coherent reasons for their position
  • How to evaluate arguments for consistency or inconsistency
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